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Franconia Notch State Park The Pass © Gary Jordan
Franconia Notch is a major mountain pass through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Pictured here is a scenic rest area just after the peak of the pass.
White Mountain National Forest Silver Cascade Falls © Gary Jordan
This is a view from the road Highway 302. This is less then half the total drop of the falls.
Franconia Notch State Park The Ascent II © Gary Jordan
On a clear day, you can see New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York and Canada.
Picnic Table ©
It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
Keep On Leash ©
Campfire and Hotdogs ©
Roasting hot dogs over an open fire.
Spring Hike ©
Afternoon Hike ©
Small Boy Fishing ©
Gone fishin.
Cool Swim ©
Oh Yell ©
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New Hampshire Parks Visitor Reviews
1/5/2020 5:36:13 AM White Mountain National Forest by Tatkat
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Hikers Dream - Been to the White mountains twice now,from Ohio. Absolutely love this area. Very clean and trails are marked and maintained very well. Thinking of finding a part time job for a Season there...
10/5/2017 12:21:54 PM Walker State Forest by Mike Singer
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Great Mountain Bike Trails - Easy, intermediate and technical trails in Concord, NH.
6/26/2016 5:29:38 PM Franconia Notch State Park by Betty
review rating - 1 to 5 stars 1st visit on a 4th of July about 1980 - We had just moved here from California and friends took us to the park and had lunch and saw the men on the mountain and took a picture of it. Great time
11/1/2015 8:22:17 AM Curtiss Dogwood State Park by psk
review rating - 1 to 5 stars close to home and very scenic - Lovely field and woods.
7/19/2014 8:18:22 AM Clough State Park by brenda
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Close Fun - Yes, the park is in need of repairs but where else can you go and have a day of fun for this price - I moved here 4yrs ago and if they had a place this nice and cheap in CA it would be overrun by folks - I just wish it were open longer in the year but I love fishing here, riding my bike and kayoking
5/28/2012 11:35:38 AM Clough State Park by Norm
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Lack of funds - My two sons worked there. They lack equipment due to budget cuts. This park has flooded twice over the last few years causing the bathroom or lack of issues. They all worked hard the last few years cleaning brush and mowing with the resources provided. It was and could be once again a very nice park. We use to take our kids when they were younger.
review rating - 1 to 5 stars one of the greatest lake - my wife and our 3 kids camped here for 3 nights in summer of 2011. The white lake was so cleaned and warm, a perfect place for kids to swimm and watch the sun sets/rises over the mountains. The boat rental clerk, a w/m in the 60s, is very cocky and restrictive by the park rules. My wife and 3 kids were not allowed to rent a row boat for 4-adults as we were allowed in other parks. Instead, we had to rent a giant doubled-roar aluminum boat that exhausted most of our energy. People here seem to be very conservative and naive. The camps are full of rowdy people on the weekend. The camp is very close to Route 16 that you can hear cars passing by all night long.
7/28/2011 Clough State Park by Sad swimmer
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - I must agree with the last posting. I visit many of NH State Parks during the Summer and this one by far is the most run down. Although the water appeared clean it was the only thing in the park that was worth being there for. It is sad that we pay $$ to enter but it is obviously not going towards the park.
4/11/2011 White Mountain National Forest by Swiftc
review rating - 1 to 5 stars not a park! / looks like a park - The white mountain National Forest is not a national Park. It is a working forest administered by the Forest Service, a subgroup of the US dept of Agriculture. As such they manage the forest on the basis of multiple uses and a sustained yield of timber. Timber harvests are part of the management edict.
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
9/8/2010 Coleman State Park by T.LaBounty
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - This is one of the best parks we have ever been too. Big grassy sites. Bath house is spotless. The best place for 100% R.n.R
7/27/2010 Clough State Park by tara
review rating - 1 to 5 stars donate to your state parks - I was very upset by the state if this park. I had not been here for years and decided to try it .. Wow rundown would be polite .. No bathroom ..portapotties ..bathhouses faling apart .. Picnic tables rotting ...just bad the state should fix it or close it .. As I feel I should get my 4 dollars back ..
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