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Chugach State Park © Tracy Barnett
Denali National Park and Preserve Polychrome Pass © Jim Oakley
Polychrome Pass on the Park Rd.
Denali National Park and Preserve Denali Mt. Mckinley © Lucas Payne
Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge Wolf Tracks © John at Bear Paw Adventure
Denali State Park © Jim Oakley
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve © T Walker
Chugach State Park © Tracy Barnett
Denali National Park and Preserve © Tracy Barnett
Northern Lights ©
Aurora Borealis - Thursday March 8th
Willow Grouse ©
Willow Grouse
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Alaska Parks Visitor Reviews
4/26/2011 Kachemak Bay State Park by Dave
review rating - 1 to 5 stars It is what Alaska is all about. - A great place to see the wild side of Alaska fairly close (5-6 miles) from the road system.
12/22/2009 Kachemak Bay State Park by John at Bear Paw Adventure
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Wilderness Adventure - On one of our adventures to Kachemak Bay State Park, we waited for high tide and then traveled the narrow, scenic channel that leads into Halibut Cove, with its deep water and its incredibly rocky shoreline that protects this isolated place. There we enjoyed a night of camping and hot dogs, watching puffins, ducks, sea otters and salmon in the lagoon. We had a great hike with the grandkids on one of the trails.
12/15/2009 Kenai Fjords National Park by John at Bear Paw Adventure
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Fantastic Coastal Marine Adventures. - This park offers viewing of rocky coastlines, glaciers, sea birds, marine animals and even goats, bear and deer. On our visits we have seen eagles nesting in the spruce trees along the rocky shore, tufted & horned puffin & cormorants on the grassy banks & on the water, orca & humpback whales breaching in the waves, sea lions hauled out on the rocks and on floating ice, sea otters with pups resting on their backs, dolphins surfing at the bow of the boat, calving glaciers issuing thunderous reports & generating huge waves, fantastic scenery & interesting geography. Touring this park is a most for visitors to the Kenai Peninsula.
12/10/2009 Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge by John at Bear Paw Adventure
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Favorite Hunting & Fishing Destination - We have enjoyed the Nowitna River?s scenic beauty, geography, diverse plant & abundant wildlife since 1986. After each trip, something always calls us to stay longer, possibly it is the spirit of the wildlife, including those we harvested and whose protein grows our children, possibly it is the remoteness of this place, possibly it is interesting rocks along the riverbank, possibly it is the calls of geese, swans and raven, moose & wolves, possibly it is spirits of woolly mammoths & the saber tooth tigers that once roamed here; or likely it is all of these things and more that makes the drainage one of the most spectacular places on the planet.
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - Wood Tikchik is the absolutely perfect place to go if you want to really escape. I have gone for days without seeing another person without even venturing too far into the park. One problem for some may be the fact that to really appreciate and see a significant portion of the park a float plane or boat is required. The park offers incredible isolation in most areas, world class fishing, and stunning glacial geography in addition to abuntant wildlife of many kinds.
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